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Saving lives and protecting property is a high and noble calling. You may have answered the call to serve as a firefighter or police officer and you may be a hero to the community you serve but are you the hero your family needs you to be at home? Maintaining a balance and discovering where your authority ultimately comes from isn't always easy. This network was established to be a faith-based resource for you and the people who love you.

There is nothing "politically correct" about a fire or other disaster. Death and destruction don't recognize skin color, education, religion or economic status. So, my comments and thoughts are as straightforward and bold as the tragedies you encounter.

Serving others and saving lives is nothing less than a divine and noble call. Who does the calling? Where does the authority come from? Ultimately your authority and call come from God
Picture of Douthat State Park. (Romans 13:1-7). However, men must recognize and manage this authority and call.

Recognizing your call and authority as Divine in origin is the first essential component in staying healthy throughout your career!

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A video tribute to the Fire Service to the music of Keith Green from his album "Songs For The Shepherd".  Faith and Service do go together as we recognize that God ordained the role of the First Responder and the First Responders are the hands of God working on earth.

"In the darkest blackness of human carnage and suffering, Police, Fire and EMS intervene on behalf of mankind. Someone will always be there to intercede on your behalf ... a clear and unmistakable demonstration that God does not abandon us in the storms of life..." (Chaplain Gary Cortese)



Chaplains Helping First Responders




Last updated May 22, 2017