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September 29 - Thanks to him and many others I get to exercise my right to go to church this morning and worship my God.



September 23 - When I graduated from Bible College more than 20 years ago I wanted to do something great and change the world. My four beautiful angels are proof that dreams come true.


September 22 -




September 20 - Stop trying to "fix" your spouse or family. Just love and support them.



September 17 - You CANNOT go back and change the past but you can start today and make a brand new ending. Give yourself permission to let go and move forward. If you will not let go of the past you will forfeit your future. Period.






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September 8 - I was deeply honored to participate i the Blackhawk Firefighter's Association's Firefighter Memorial ceremony today. We must never forget the brave men and women who made, and continue to make, the ultimate sacrifice in service to their fellow man. Police, Fire and EMS reach into their hurting world every day with the very hands of God.  Click here for a music tribute to the dedication at Sauk Valley College.




September 7 - "Our ancestors established their system of government on morality and religious sentiment...Whatever makes a man a good Christian also makes a good citizen." - Daniel Webster




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September 2 - It's often difficult to discern what the real issues are when everyone is promoting their own agenda. Evil, tragedy and terror are not going to stop; it's part of the human condition. Our real enemy isn't interested in political correctness, cultural relevance, civil rights, ethics or morality, but whether or not we're truly united in standing for a righteous cause. Peace within and without our borders comes through united strength.



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August 26 - Police, Fire and EMS are on the front lines every day. In the darkest blackness of human carnage and suffering they intervene on behalf of mankind. There is no higer calling than to spend your life in service to others. This sacred duty of saving lives and protecting property is a ministry and proof that God does not abandon us in the storm but reaches out to the suffering ones through their hands.





August 22 - Don't mistake a spirited effort for a spirit of sincerity. Real friends won't hide the ladder.



August 21 - "There are no (great) victories at bargain prices." Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower


August 20 - If a baby's laugh doesn't bring a smile to your face it's a sure sign that you've lost your own joy. Do whatever you have to get it back! "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."  Proverbs 17:22


August 18 - God entrusts the toughest assignments to His strongest warriors.


August 17 - We don't need anymore leadership training; we need some followership training.


August 15 - A reporter once asked Yogi Berra if Joe DiMaggio was fast. Yogi's response was, "No, he just got there in time." Timing is everything


August 13 - "A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." Rosalynn Carter


August 10 - "To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded." Ralph Waldo Emerson


August 9 - Very often the problem itself isn't the problem but our response to the problem is.


August 8 - No worldly success can compensate for failure in the home.


August 6 - My 14 year old said this: "Don't let the people from your past bother you, they didn't make it into your future for a reason."



August 5 - A year from now you'll wish you had started today. No more excuses!



August 3 - Temper is what gets most people into trouble. Pride keeps them there.



August 1 - Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.



July 30 - Faith doesn't always make things easy, but it does make all things possible. Don't quit.



July 26 - A Fire Chief once said: "Most calls you shake off but some shake you." If not handled properly what shakes you can lead to dysfunction. A properly developed chaplain program can help by doing emotional size-ups while on scene. Stay Healthy. Stay Real. Stay Safe.



July 24 - Sacred Ground. Honoring the Prescott Firefighters in Arizona.



July 22 - A Visit to Sandy Hook (Click here)

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July 10 - Every relationship in the sea of your life is like a current that moves you toward your God-given dreams and purposes or away from them. Learn how to recognize those who belong in your past and those who should be in your life now.



July 7 - Scandals, Secrets & The Mob

Nearly forty years ago, Vito Colucci Jr. of the Stamford Police Department was almost murdered by Sgt. Albert “Duke” Morris as Colucci backed his car out of his grandfather’s driveway. It wasn’t the first time he’d receive a death threat.

Vito Colucci (taken by William Taufic)

In Rogue Town, Colucci’s account of corruption in Stamford, readers will discover a city quite different from the Gold Coast gem they live in today. It was “a crazy era,” the author says, “but Stamford, at night, was quiet.” However, underneath the mellow façade lay organized crime, and atop the criminal food chain perched Lt. Larry Hogan, Colucci’s superior, and Morris, Hogan’s enforcer. “There were so many dollars bound up with city contracts and kickbacks,” Colucci says. “Stamford was a totally corrupt city; I can’t even say ‘partly.’ ”

Still, the story is dimly recalled, even now. “Most of the younger generation today have no idea what was going on then,” Colucci says. “Even older people have said that. Their bottom line with the book is: ‘I didn’t know the extent of it.’ ”

Were it not for Anthony R. Dolan’s reporting, it might have stayed buried. In the book’s foreword, Dolan relates how Stamford’s “classic matrix of organized crime and municipal corruption in eight city departments” had developed. Beginning in 1974, in roughly seven-dozen articles for The Advocate (for which he would win the paper’s only Pulitzer), Dolan traced the corruption that Colucci had been working to bring to light. “The unique thing about my situation is I wore a wire and put in a fake resignation,” Colucci notes. “And I went out on the street as a disgruntled ex-cop, and became like a sounding board for people who would give me information.”

This was part of the plan concocted by Stamford’s then new, hardline Police Chief Victor I. Cizanckas to flush out the city.

Dolan’s career trajectory relates a more national story: He went on to become President Ronald Reagan’s head speechwriter (coining the phrase “Evil Empire”), and as a result of meetings with administration officials about Stamford’s situation, the Presidential Commission on Organized Crime arose.

There will be a Rogue Town sequel, detailing the time after the book’s events, but for now, Colucci has been contacted by Hollywood, and a film or TV adaptation is, perhaps, in the offing.

More important, though, was simply telling his story. “I’m having a ball seeing this book do so well,” he says. “It’s near-and-dear to my heart; I almost died for it. It’s in the history of Stamford, its dark past.”

By David Podgurski from the Town Talk 2013 issue of Stamford Magazine

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July 1 - In light of the recent staggering loss of 19 Firefighters in Arizona, I'd like to encourage you to please take a few minutes (3:57) to view the inspirational video we produced a short while ago and say a prayer for the families of these men, their department, and community. May God's peace be theirs, may they find strength in knowing the lives of their loved ones were lived and given in service to others. The highest level of sacrifice is to lay your life down so that others might live.


July 1 -