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December 31 -

Eighteenth Century Preacher, Jonathan Edwards, said this about New Year's Resolutions: "Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will." I pray that you will enjoy God's Best in every area this New Year!





December 31 - “I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the years’.” –Henry Moore


December 24 - “Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” –Alexander Smith


December 22 - Inspiration to serve by ...

          Police Officers in my family have been serving their communities since 1947.  My resolve is immoveable; my course unalterable.  I’ve modified a statement by President John F. Kennedy to reflect my commitment to our Police, Fire and EMS: “Let every protestor know, whether they wish us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of every law enforcement officer.” - Chaplain Gary Cortese (In loving memory of my grandfather, Frank-the-cop, and in honor of his service which spanned 5 decades!)






December 21 - For those who believe it's time to stop the madness, you can start by showing support for your local police department, Regardless of your skin color or religious preference.








For every Police Officer, Trooper, Agent and Law Enforcement Representative who "...CAN'T BREATH" because your life was taken in service to others, we honor you and your families. We support your Brothers and Sisters in Arms, and we thank God for giving us "Ministers" of peace and protection.





December 19 - Happy Birthday to my Italian Queen, Valarie! I might be the head of this Italian household - but you are the neck that turns the head! I love you!












December 18 - Learn how to feed your faith and starve your doubts. Fear and faith cannot coexist.






December 16 - Inspiration to serve by ...

Like the Army of Israel facing the giant, Goliath, the church isn’t lacking faith in God, just distracted and preoccupied being organized, relevant, and disciplined; following protocol, programs and leadership principles. While the church sings about being a people of power and authority, the little uneducated, untrained and unprofessional David’s are being sent to do what the Army should have, and could have, done – take the giant’s head clean off!





December 13 -
Do you remember the horrific events that happened two years ago? While many are trying not to re-live the nightmare at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, the rest of us cannot, and must not forget. The root problems that we face will not be handled by insisting on political correctness, or with the endless display of bureaucratic rhetoric, or the self-serving charade of ridiculous claims of discrimination, or by the removal of Christian symbols and cessation of public prayer. It’s time for church and state to start working together for the good of all. It’s time for preachers to stop trying to win popularity contests, because the pure gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ is offensive…deal with it. It’s time for churches to leave the entertainment business to Hollywood. It’s time to get off the fence, get-in or get-out, turn up the fire, bring the heat and relentlessly pursue God’s standard again. I’m not interested in how to “win friends and influence people.” I’m interested in proclaiming the truth to anyone and everyone who will listen, and to everyone else who won’t - because you are too valuable and important to deceive and mislead. The cord of three-strands required to protect you and those you love are: 1. Family (not a redefined version), 2. Church (not religious social clubs), and, 3. State (God-ordained governing officials who know and fear the God of this nation.



December 12 - I wonder what his family thinks about how we obtained information from terrorists?


December 12 - Inspiration to serve by ...

          The trouble with blindly following the masses is that the “M” is often silent.


December 10 - As most of us prepare for the busy Christmas season, many will not “…be home for Christmas” because they are defending the freedoms most of us take for granted. By now, all of us have heard about the uprisings in Ferguson, Missouri and around the nation. One of the freedoms we continue to enjoy is the right to peacefully assemble, protest, petition, and to let our voices be heard. After all, this great nation is a republic with a representative democracy and, if we don’t agree with the way we’re being represented, we can stand-up and be heard. Every single one of us is absolutely entitled to his or her own opinion and point of view. We will not all agree on everything. But what concerns me most of all is the way we are justifying this form of bullying, by calling it a rally, or a legitimate protest, or a call for “justice.” Violence and destruction because you don’t agree with someone or something, or in this case, a decision not to indict a police officer for doing his duty, is nothing more than that – bullying. According to one internet source, Bullying is “learned behavior” and it “…intimidates, abuses or coerces…” There is a recurring theme we keep hearing in news reports regarding the protests in Ferguson and elsewhere, and that is the desire for justice. One definition of “justice” as found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “…the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims…” We can all agree that our nation has transitioned through difficult and confusing times throughout our history. Many things happened that simply were not right. But today we are more diligent and impartial to ensure that the dark side of history will not repeat itself. Having said that, however, we have “over-corrected” in many areas. Affirmative Action is one such example. It has been referred to as “reverse discrimination” because it often disqualified white males from being hired, even if they scored higher and were better qualified because a federal mandate required a certain number of “minorities” to be hired or enrolled, for equal opportunities. My point is that we have much bigger problems ripping us apart - such as attacking public prayer, chastising chaplains for making references to their Christian faith, calling sermons about gender identity and traditional marriage a “hate crime” and removing all displays of Christian symbols in a predominately Christian nation. And while we turn our aggression and frustration on those who don’t deserve it, misguided ambitions are being harnessed and promoted right under our offended noses (have we forgotten 9/11 and Sandy Hook?). Apart from a few exceptions, police officers are doing the best they can. Not only do they have to fight their own demons – because they are only human, but they have to fight everyone else’s as well. Why does it always have to be about race? What would happen if the media just gave us the facts without mentioning skin color? Protestors claim to want the truth. The truth isn’t always easy to handle. In fact, the truth very often makes us miserable…before being able to set us free. If we keep invoking racial tensions and discrimination, what will happen when it really is? During this season of “Peace on earth and good will toward men” I am praying for our Peace Officers and their families. If our cops have to be “retrained” so that they are forced to hesitate – maybe it will become easier to simply start looking the other way and delay response times to our calls for help, rather than face the consequences of a few misinformed and misguided Bullies.


December 9 - The Christmas Season is about Love. "For God so loved, He gave..." What did He give? Himself, wrapped up in human flesh; when God became a man. To know and understand this kind of love is the answer to all answers; hope of all hopes, and the fulfillment of all fulfillment.






December 8 -  Inspiration to Serve by "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
- Mark Twain


December 6 - A video tribute to the Fire Service to the music of Keith Green from his album "Songs For The Shepherd".  Faith and Service do go together as we recognize that God ordained the role of the First Responder and the First Responders are the hands of God working on earth.



December 4 -


November 30 - What a great photo as an appropriate response to the madness.



November 26 - Remember that the seeds of discouragement will not grow in a thankful heart. Thanksgiving is not just a day, but an attitude.










November 24 -


November 23 -



November 26 - Inspiration to Serve by -    "During this season of Thanksgiving remember this: The seeds of discouragement will not grow in a thankful heart. Thanksgiving is not just a day, but an attitude". Chaplain Gary Cortese





November 24 - Inspiration to Serve by - “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” –Jim Ryun


November 18 - Inspiration to Serve by


November 18 -
During this season of Thanksgiving, we’ll be reminded to count our blessings and express our gratitude for all the good we have in our life. It’s an attitude that really should be maintained all year long. I cannot think of my blessings without expressing the admiration and respect I have for my “extended flock” of Police, Fire and EMS. You are some of the finest people I’ve ever known. I consider it an honor and privilege to know and love you. Having grown up with and around cops and EMS, I was destined to have a heart, firmly set, for you and your families. You face circumstances and situations that other people run from. You deal with devastation and human suffering that most will avoid. You serve and protect, train and prepare, and place yourself in harm’s way so that strangers might live. You’re human and you have limitations, but you’re expected to perform the impossible. You carry the burden of paying your bills, sending your kids to college, managing your schedules, dealing with the politics and personnel issues. You do the job and try to keep a balance at home. Your families sacrifice and worry. They must endure loneliness and feelings of being disconnected or left out. They have no choice but to share you with the department and the communities you serve. Your families are true unsung heroes. On behalf of my family and church congregation I want to express how grateful we are for you. Don’t you ever forget that this pastor/chaplain loves you, prays for you, believes in you and will continue to promote, and stand up for, who you are and what you do.


November 16 - During this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our true heroes, safeguarding our freedoms and protecting dreams for future generations. Thank you and God Bless you and your families.











November 15 -



November 11 - Most Americans living today will never know what's at stake, thank God. Those of us who are living the American Dream owe everything to those who are safeguarding that Dream.










November 10 -  Happy 239th Birthday and God Bless the U.S.M.C.

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November 4


November 2 -


November 1 -


October 31 -


October 29 -


October 24 - Do you really live in the moment? I captured this precious moment recently of my grandson deciding to sit with the pumpkins.  I couldn't help but think back to my own children at this age, and how quickly that time had passed.  The world is a very different place now.  We have never been more connected to so many people through our social networks.  We have access to every and any kind of information, and we can capture and share every single moment of our life with the entire world - from what we eat to where we are.  I hope that your life is every bit as exciting as your posts suggest.  But my greatest concern is that where ever we are, we're really not all there.  As soon as I took this picture I immediately put my phone away so that I could enjoy the moment and give my undivided and full attention to what was happening there and then.  I didn't need, or want, the world to know where I was and what I was doing...I simply enjoyed being all there.



October 19 - A voice from the past is our warning for the future.


October 12 -


October 10 -


October 7 -


October 4 -